St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna is a must see

Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna is a Must See

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St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna is THE Austrian landmark. The entrance is free and the atmosphere in the Stephansdom are absolutely worth a visit. The world-famous building and cultural heritag is home to innumerable historically and architecturally valuable objects. Its extraordinary architectural structure differs fundamentally from other medieval cathedrals.  Its abundance of figural equipment makes St. Stephen’s Cathedral an artistic ensemble of the highest European level. Make sure to check out the wonderful paintings, altars, towers, and pillars.

Stephan’s Cathedral in Vienna is a symbol of Austrian idendity

In the last days of World War II the structure was badly damaged in a fire. Rubble and ashes characterized the ruined cathedral. The Austrians rebuilt the cahedral in just seven years. Thus, it also became the symbol of Austrian reconstruction. But the cathedral, lovingly named “Steffl” by the Viennese, is also a church. Services are celebrated several times a day, and even weddings and requisitions by important personalities are often televised live. On such special occasions and high holidays, the famous bell “Pummerin” heralds festive services.


The Romanesque church in the heart of Vienna was consecrated in 1147. In the following centuries the building saw refinements and structural extensions. The main tower is 136 meters high. There is a gilded rooster on the roof of St. Stephen. It is a guardian against the devil. That’s because the devil only accomplishes his dark deeds until the first cockcrow cry. The cock is also a symbol of vigilance and of the light. Because he crows before sunrise he announces the coming light. It finally points to Jesus, who leads the people out of the night to the light.

For more information, please visit the cathedral’s website (in German).

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