Strombad Kritzendorf north of Vienna

Strombad Kritzendorf – Back to the 1930s

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Experience the flair of the thirties in the Strombad Kritzendorf north of Vienna and take a swim in the Danube river. There is no water slide, no hot tub, not even a heated pool. Just a meadow, a few poplars and pastures. And yet you should give swimming in the Danube in Kritzendorf a try. On the way to the river you pass through the Strombad Kritzendorf. Famous Austrian architects like Adolf Loos, Felix Augenfeld or Heinz Rollig created some of the cottages.

Strombad Kritzendorf boomed in the inter-war period

During its boom in the inter-war period, on nice weekends along the banks of the Danube, up to 12,000 people from all social classes romped about. Artists and wealthy business people had their stylish houses next to the cabins of ordinary workers. Kritzendorf became the “Riviera on the Danube”. Get there by taking the S40 commuter train direction of Tulln. Get off at Kritzendorf, go over the overpass, then over a small bridge and always straight ahead.

Two tips

If you go into the water, you should be able to swim really well, the current and the whirlpools of the Danube should not be underestimated – the further you swim out, the more dangerous it gets. And: The water really refreshes, because it is freezing cold – even in summer.
After the bath: In Kritzendorf there are still really rustic wine taverns. No giant buffets but crusty bread with Liptauer. And the wines are all home-grown.

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