Theatine Church Munich

Theatine Church in Munich

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The Theatine Church in Munich was built in the style of Italian late Baroque and has a truly magnificent exterior and interior. Its construction happened due to an oath taken by Henriette Adelheid of Savoy. She vowed to build the most beautiful church in 1659 should she give birth to a crown prince. The Crown Prince and later Elector Max Emanuel was born in 1662 after which the construction of the church was commissioned. When the Theatine Church in Munich the members of a “mendicant order” expressed their doubts about the splendor of the building. Henriette Adelheid refuted their claims by saying: “One must always remember who built this church and for whatever reason it was built. “

When the church was consecrated in 1675 it was still in the shell state because construction was very expensive. It was not until the end of the 18th century that the church received its final rococo fa├žade.

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