Paulinenwarte in Türkenschanzpark in Vienna

Türkenschanzpark Vienna is Beautiful

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The Türkenschanzpark is one of the most beautiful parks in Vienna and home to numerous rare plants from all over the world. You can find the approximately 150,000 m² big park in Vienna’s 18th district between Peter-Jordan-Strasse, Gregor-Mendel-Straße, Hasenauerstraße and Max-Emanuel-Straße. 

The park has the style of an English landscape garden. Its name comes from Turkish invaders who used to have a camp in this area during the siege of Vienna. Since 1888 the people of Vienna enjoy coming here to admire rare plants, ponds, fountains and even a small waterfall. Many monuments, such as the poet Adalbert Stifter or composer Emmerich Kálmán, are also in the park.

Türkenschanzpark in Vienna is a place for people of all ages

In the middle of the Türkenschanzpark is the 23 m high Paulinen tower, which is considered a landmark of the park. It offers a magnificent view of Vienna and the Vienna Woods. However, to climb the tower you need to pay a small fee of 60 Cent. However, entrance to the park itself is free. Around a tower parents and children discover two playgrounds. While the playground in the western part of the park has been designed with a sandbox and slides for smaller children, the second and much larger recreational area is equipped with beach volleyball, football, basketball and skating facilities. The viennese Türkenschanzpark has several sunbathing areas with shady trees, a card game table, a duck feeding place and dog areas. It’s a park with a lot of variety. You will see many joggers, people reading books and others playing games. Due to its size you should spend a lot of time here. Perfect to take a break on a warm day!

There is a Café called Meierei in the park. They serve fresh pastries, following the good old recipes from their  in-house pastry shop.

For further information, please visit the park’s website.

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