Hermannskogel Vienna hiking path

Vienna hiking path to Hermannskogel

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Follow the Vienna hiking path to Vienna’s highest mountain the Hermannskogel (542 m). On the way there are viewpoints, inns and churches. 

The starting point is in Vienna-Döbling (19th district), Sievering, Sieveringer Straße 217, 251 m, final station of bus line 39 A. The circular walk starts from the Grüaß di a Gott-Inn at the crossroads Höhenstraße-Sieveringer Straße.

Follow the asphalted road through the forest. There are signs that show you the right way. After about one hour of walking you will reach the summit of the Hermannskogel. Make sure to climb the Habsburg tower. The 27m high tower was built in 1888 by the Austrian Tourist Club. It is open from April to October. A narrow spiral staircase leads up to the observation deck. When the weather is fine, you will enjoy a view far beyond Vienna. Follow the way over a ridge until you reach the particularly child-friendly Gasthaus Jägerwiese.

Here you find a large meadow with playground and an inn. There is a large garden and an enclosure with horses and donkeys. This is an ideal spot for a longer break. The total walking time for the Vienna hiking path from Grüß di a Gott-Inn to Hermannskogel to Jägerwiese and back is about 2-3 hours, depending whether you are with small children. 

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