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Visit Viktring Abbey in Klagenfurt

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Viktring Abbey on the southern edge of Klagenfurt is special gem and a must-visit for every art-loving visitor! Established in the 10th century the abbey played an important role in cultivating what was a remote and sparsely populated Area. Viktring achieved supraregional cultural importance under Abbot Johann II. (1312-1345), who wrote one of the most important late medieval chronicles – the “liber certarum historiarum”. Today, it houses a high school with a focus on music and visual education.

Visitors are free to enjoy the abbey’s wonderful architecture. Old gates, baroque facades and the remains of medieval fortifications invite you to explore the area. The courtyard with the fountain is especially beautiful. Another highlight of Viktring Abbey is the collegiate church Maria vom Siege. Built from 1150 to 1170 the church’s incomparable windows are a true masterpiece. The stained glass paintings were made in the late 14th century and are among the most important artistic achievements of this area in Austria.

Apart from the very imposing buildings with their rich art there is also a very well maintained park. With its streams, fish ponds and old trees this well maintained green oasis invites you to take a walk and enjoy its calming and positive atmosphere.

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