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Viktualienmarkt Munich – Germany’s Nicest Market

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One of the best farmer markets has to be Viktualienmarkt Munich. Germany is home to many great markets but this is probably the most beautiful. In the more than 100 fixed stalls you can buy all sorts of exotic but also many original Bavarian products such as bread, fruits, meat, fish, cheese, juices, Bavarian handicrafts and flowers. Today it is both a market for Munich as well as an attraction for tourists.

Beergarden in Viktualienmarkt Munich

In the heart of the market is a very nice beer garden, where both locals and tourists treat themselves to a cold beer on a beautiful summer’s day. The beer garden probably not the largest in Munich – but certainly the most central. As a special feature, it offers different beers of all major Munich breweries, instead of just one brand.

Long History

The Viktualienmarkt was founded in 1807 as a simple farmer and herb market. As the market grew bigger and bigger in the 19th century, it was named Viktualienmarkt which is Latin and means as much as food. During the Second World War, the square was badly damaged and it was considered to erect high-rise buildings on this central space. Luckily, the city administration decided to rebuild the market with considerable effort.
On the edge of the Viktualienmarkt is the Schrannenhalle. This was built in 1853 as a grain hall. The construction of metal and glass was at that time a technical masterpiece. Towards the end of the 19th century, the grain trade declined more and more, which is why the hall was partially dismantled, other parts fell victim to a fire in 1932. In 2011, the hall was rebuilt and today includes various shops. In the basement there is a flagship store of the chocolate producer Milka.

Further Information

The market is open from Monday to Saturday and is subject to the statutory opening hours, up to a maximum of 20 o’clock. The beer garden is open longer.

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