Blue Church in Bratislava

Visit the Blue Church in Bratislava

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The Blue Church in Bratislava is the most unusual church in Slovakia’s capital. Due to its color and shape it’s a favorite spot for tourists to take pictures. For the locals it’s a great place for weddings. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the official name of the Blue Church in Bratislava is “Church of St Elizabeth of Hungary”. It features many oriental elements. Typical forms and patterns of the Hungarian Art Nouveau, such as the curved forms, dominate the building. The church shares this building style with the parish and the neighboring high school. Originally, the church was intended as a place of prayer for the high school’s students only. It eventually opened its doors for all of Bratislava’s citizens.

The church has an oval layout and a 36 meter high cylindrical tower. Even this this layout is quite unusual for a church. The main and side entrances are framed by double columns connected by a bow. Above each entrance is a mosaic.

The Blue Church in Bratislava wasn’t always blue

Originally, the church was painted in a pastel tone. Only later did it get the characteristic blue color that really makes the church something very special. Even the roof of the building is covered with blue tiles. When you approach the church, it shines from afar. It’s not always possible to enter the church. But usually, the door stays open and it’s possible to look inside through a large glass screen. Then you will find out that even in the interior including the benches and many other components is blue. The benches and many components were painted blue. A beautiful altar faces the entrance directly. A visit to the church is definitely worth it, especially if you are interested in unusual architecture.

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