Lockheed Super Constellation Visitors Park at Munich Airport

Visitors Park at Munich Airport

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The Visitors Park at Munich Airport is a great place to visit with children. It offers an interactive exhibition, an extraordinary playground and a visitor’s mound for plane watching. At the heart of the area is a huge playground with really extraordinary equipment and a great concept: from Munich into the wide world. There are airport-styled slides and nice aircraft looking rocking equipment. The cable car over a runway floor is also a lot of fun!

All around, there are different areas that symbolize the different continents. The ropes course is America-themed and allows children to climb to their hearts content. The Africa playground has many swings and more climbing equipment, which which are optimally suited for kindergarten children. For the little ones the Asia-themed section of the playground offers equipment for toddlers.

Climb the Hill in the Visitors park at Munich Airport

170 steps will lead you up the 28 meters high visitors hill. From the top you have a great view of the gates and the runway. Due to the tight rhythm in which the planes take off and land there is always something going on.

Historic Aircraft and an Interactive Exhibition

In addition to the visitor’s mound, three original aircraft are on display. You can see a Lockheed L – 1049 G Super Constellation, a Douglas DC-3 “Dakota” and a Junkers Ju 52. The Super Constellation and the Ju-52 can also be viewed from the inside. In the Super Constellation, a Lufthansa advertising film from the 1950s is shown on a screen. Together with the original interior of this huge propeller machine you feel transported back decades. Especially exciting is the view into the cockpit. You also shouldn’t miss the exhibition area. It is very modern with interactive touchscreens and globes. 

Further Information

On the grounds of the Visitors Park at Munich Airport there is also a bistro, a mini-golf course, a flight simulator and a handful of small rocking carousels for the little ones. Occasionally, exciting events take place in the visitor park (for example Easter egg hunt on Easter Monday).

The playground is open all year round for free as the interactive exhibition.

Visitor Hill: 1 EUR entry
Historic aircraft: 1 EUR entry

Opening times of the Interactive exhibition:

March to October: 9:30 am to 6 pm
November to February: 9:30 to 5 pm

For more information please visit here.

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