Wachau valley apricot trail blooming

Apricot Blooming at Wachau Valley Apricot Trail

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The Wachau valley Apricot Trail is dedicated to the Wachau Apricot which is said to be a fruit witch a unique taste. The Wachau is an exceptionally good place for growing apricots. This is because the local climate is particularly beneficial for flavor, flavor and ingredient development. The unique aroma and taste of the Wachau apricot arise from the influence of several climates that meet in this area. For this reason, the European Union has put the Wachau apricot under the protection of a “Protected Designation of Origin”. Today there are about 100.000 apricot trees in the Wachau valley. 

Rare animals

The Wachau valley Apricot Trail was built in the 1950s. It takes you through picturesque vineyards and apricot orchards. Five stations tell you more about the fauna in apricot orchards, blossom time and the work carried out in apricot orchards. This hike is also rewarding for wildlife enthusiasts. If you go at a leisurely pace and are patient, you are bound to encounter numerous animals. Among them are insects,  birds, or small mammals such as the souslik, a protected species of ground squirrel. There is also a chance to see rare reptiles such as fire salamanders or European green lizards plus a pheasant or two. 

Views of the Benedictine monastery Göttweig and the Wetterkreuzkirche accompany the hikers during their tour. On a plateau east of Angern stands the Wetterkreuzkirche. It was built in 1651 and became a place of pilgrimage for local people. Lightning and fire heavily damaged the Wetterkirche for several times. In 1945 the German Wehrmacht used it as an observation post. In the final days of the war grenade hits damaged the church. The fateful history of the Wetterkreuzkirche attracts many visitors, and faithful pilgrims come here every year.

The circular trail begins and ends at Weinhof Aufreiter. 

Starting point: Weinhof Aufreiter, 3506 Krems-Angern, Dorfstrasse 34
Altitude: 220m-340m
Path length: about 4.5km
Walking time: for fast hikers 1-1,5 hours, for leisurely walkers 1,5-2 hours
Opening hours: daily, the best time is from March to October (April to beginning of May is the best time to see the apricots blooming)
The circuit is passable with off-road prams
The Wachau apricot adventure trail is a hiking trail and not suitable for bicycles.

For more information see their website (German).

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