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Visit the Forgotten Waldstein Castle Ruins

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The two Waldstein castle ruins in Styria are an exciting secret tip for people who like to hike and enjoy discovering hidden places. The two ruins are from the 11th and 12th century and once belonged to the same structure. Abandoned since the 16th century, one of them is quite well preserved. The other has not much left, just one tower and some walls around it. They are on two different hills but you can get from one to the other in a few minutes.

How to Find Your Way

The the  Waldstein castle ruins is difficult to find and at times also not easy to climb. You can already see the two ruins Hungerturm bei Waldstein and Burgruine Waldstein when you drive on the highway A9 passing √úbelbach in the north of the city of Graz. Since not many people go there, you should closely check their location on Google Maps. To get there you first should follow a way leading up from the base of the hill through the forest.

Eventually the way will become a small trail. When you see an abandoned house, you are almost there. Continue following the small trail between the house and the big tree behind the house, then you will see some old castle walls covered in ivy. Once you reached the first of the two castle ruins you also be able to see the other one. From where the castles are you have a nice view of the surrounding mountains.

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