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Watch the Stars from Kreuzbergl in Klagenfurt

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The Kreuzbergl in Klagenfurt is the city’s backyard mountain and a popular recreational destination with its own observatory. Located not far from the city center, families like to meet on the mountain’s huge playground that is surrounded by forest. The mountain is also a favorite place for runners who also make use of the spacious fitness course.

If you are interested in astronomy or would like to watch the Moon and the stars, then you are in the right place at the observatory on the Kreuzbergl. The observation tower dates from 1895 when it replaced a wooden lookout tower. It offers not only a great view over the nearby rooftops of the city, but also of the stars. Run by the Astronomical Association of Carinthia the observatory includes lecture and work rooms and a dome with a professional telescope. From here you can comfortably watch various objects in the sky.

Old mine and Nazis

Another place to visit is the church on Kreuzbergl. Standing in front of its gates you have a magnificent view of the city! The Baroque building with the two domes was erected on a slope plateau and consecrated in 1742. The interior contains several important works like an imposing high altar.

Other places of interest on the Kreuzbergl in Klagenfurt are the botanical garden and the mining museum. There is also an old air raid shelter from World War II. The large tunnel system housed a massive reinforced concrete bunker where the Nazis held out until the German surrender in 1945.

 More information can be found here (in German).

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