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Exciting and Free Water Playground in Vienna

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This fun water playground in vienna is located on the Danube Island. It is the perfect place for children to expereince water in all its forms. On almost 5,000 square meters they can build bays or dams with mud or build up streams. The water playground is divided into different adventure areas for children.

From the top of a small mountain the water flows as a creek with a waterfall in a pond. Children can use a suspension bridge to cross the pond. The stream develops into a lowland river whose banks consist of sandbanks. The children can float toy boats in the river. There is also a second pond that the children can cross using a cable ferry. The stream and ponds are so shallow that even children who are not yet able to swim play safely.

The water playground in vienna is suitable for children of all ages

Children will learn about the water while playing with a variety of water toys, such as a fountain, a water spiral, water pumps, wells and more. The water for the playground has been tested for bathing water quality. There is also a toddler area for children up to 3 years old. Here, little children can splash around with water and play with wooden toys that allow a safe play with water. A large awning protects them from too much sun.

After playing with water and mud, showers and foot showers are available for the children. A large relaxation area with benches, tables and loungers under shady trees offers families and children space for a little break. 

Further information

The “Wasserspielplatz Donauinsel” is open from April 2018 until the end of September. It can be reached by public transport with the subway line U1: station “Donauinsel”. 

Find more information about the water playground here.

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