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Visit the Westpark in Munich to Relax and Play

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The facilities in Westpark in Munich include playgrounds and sports fields, barbecue facilities, two beer gardens, a restaurant, as well as many trails. In addition there are flower and perennial gardens, a rose garden and a historical garden. The East Asian ensemble with gardens and buildings as well as other nation gardens are attractions for the visitors and make the West Park the most visited urban park in Munich. Furthermore, the park has been the site of several important works of art in public space.

A park with many things to do

The Westpark  in Munich is used intensively by the local population. In addition to the designated playgrounds, the large meadows are used for games, sports and as a lawn. Strollers, joggers, cyclists and skaters use the trails. In winter, slopes are used for sledge riding. At Mollsee there is a small harbor with quays for ship models.

In the western part, the City of Munich organizes sports and playful activities for children and adults every Sunday, as well as a daily public gymnastics training session in summer. On a meadow in the eastern part there are children’s theaters, puppet theaters and small circuses. 

Layout of Westpark in Munich

A green overpass connects the eastern and western parts of the park. A watercourse which runs through more than half of the park characterizes the eastern part. Here you can also find a water playground for children. A central observation tower allows a panoramic view of almost the entire park. From the two ends of the connecting bridge between the eastern and western part you also have a good view of the park’s two sides. 

The western part contains the largest meadow of the park and the western lake. It is supplemented by water surfaces of the East Asian gardens. West of the lake, large plantations are rising up the slopes, including the rose garden and a perennial area. Above the rose garden are the restaurant of the same name, designed by architect Ernst Maria Lang. A bit off there is the second beer garden. The western part is surrounded by several steep hills of varying heights.

Except for individual zones, the planting of the West Park conveys the impression of a grown landscape of the Alpine foothills. The groups of trees consist of indigenous species, near-natural shrubs complete the picture. The beer gardens and playgrounds are planted with chestnuts as traditional Bavarian shade donors.

The Westpark in Munich is attractive not only for visitors seeking relaxation, but also for its flora and fauna. The wetland in the eastern part is outstanding. Of particular importance are the nutrient-dependent grasslands on some slopes and potential sedimentation zones in bodies of water. Various bird species live and breed in the tree and hedgerow structures. The West Park is also significant as part of a fresh air corridor into the city center. It lowers the air temperature and thus positively influences the urban climate. 

Here is more information (in German). 

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