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What to do in Vorarlberg Austria? Go to a Free Zoo!

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If you are looking for inspiration about what to in Vorarlberg in Austria, here is an idea: Visit the free Doppelmayr Zoo in Wolfurt. The zoo is located in the south of Bregenz, just outside of the city. It is privatly owned by the Doppelmayr family, founder of the world’s largest producer of cable cars that goes by the same name. Not many people know that the zoo is publicly accessible. On a leisurely tour through the beautifully landscaped park, you will discover numerous exotic animals.

Exotic and native animals

There are currently about 270 animals from 62 different species living on the site. Among them are some very rare birds, including paradise shelducks. These birds are housed in the aviaries and enclosures together with parrots and parakeets, croc cranes and flamingos. A highlight is the the zoo’s talking parrot which is one of the children’s favorites. But visitors can also observe native species, such as owls, grouse and various types of pheasants.

Dwarf goats, raccoons and pot-bellied pigs are also part of the Doppelmayr Zoo. For the Fallow Deer a spacious enclosure was created. Despite numerous opportunities for retreat, the animals don’t avoid the visitors. On the contrary, they are very curious and like to take a closer look at the passing by humans. However, please note that feeding the animals is not allowed! Plains zebras and Bennet kangaroos are among the zoo’s exotics and are admired by children and adults, as well as raccoons, chipmunks and many more animals.

Overall it’s a very nice zoo. The grounds are lovingly laid out and the enclosures are large. What amazes most is that an animal park with so many exotic species does not require admission. 

Further information

Opened all year round

Schulstraße 1
6922 Wolfurt

More information can be found here

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