waste burning powerplant next to wien energie erlebniswelt vienna

Energie Adventure World in Spittelau Vienna

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In the Wien Energie Erlebniswelt a unique learning adventure awaits both adults and children.  Learn fascinating facts about energy and how important a conscious use of energy is. Experience the “Tour de Watt”. While the visitors pedal and test how much power they can generate, they learn everything about energy in everyday life. In the dance power plant, you can generate electricity by dancing.

As the grand finale after many more exciting stops, young and old alike will playfully learn all about warmth and the power of the sun in the heat lab. With the heat conductor station parents and children test the thermal conductivity of different materials. Do the materials feel cold or warm? On the back of the materials you will see the temperature of the material. The station heat pump shows young and old how the principle of modern heat recovery works. In the Radiant Heat station, parents and children test in front of a thermal imaging camera how different materials are suitable for shielding. In addition, “cold tattoos” are used and test the insulation effect of various garments. Finally, a unique souvenir: a thermal selfie.

The world’s most beautiful waste incineration plant

The Wien Energie Erlebniswelt is located right besides the Müllverbrennungsanlage Spittelau. It’s probably the most beautiful looking waste burning facility in the whole world. The Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser designed the powerplants outside.

How to get there

The Wien Energie-Erlebniswelt is easily accessible to the public via the lines U4, U6, S40, D, 35A, 37A (station Spittelau).

For kids from 8 years.

More information can be found here.

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