wine experience trail in burgenland

Blaufränkischweg – Wine Experience Trail in Burgenland

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The Blaufränkischweg is a wine experience trail in Burgenland and takes you through the best vineyard locations of Horitschon village. Along the path you will come across 13 large, as well as numerous smaller information boards on the subject of wine. The information boards describe the vegetation and work history in a vineyard year. They cover relevant topics such as history, geography, and climate of the area. As the name implies, a focus lies on the Blaufränkisch wine which grows in the area around Horitschon village.

Try some Wine and Enjoy the View

Starting point of the Blaufränkischweg wine experience trail in Burgenland is the Vinothek Horitschon, which is housed in the oldest public building Horitschon. The church square takes you to the main street, which you follow only a few meters to the cemetery. From here, just follow the mark while walking through the beautiful vineyards. After about 1.4 kilometers you reach the rest area at the old press. Here you can climb a lookout tower. The path will lead you back towards the village. Make sure to stop by the local wine shops or winemakers. Here you can taste the local wines and buy them for very cheap prices. 

Total distance: 2.2 km. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to finish the whole tour.

For more information please visit here (in German).

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