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Go fo a Hike on the Wine Trail in Neckenmarkt

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The wonderful wine trail in Neckenmarkt starts from the center of the village and takes you on 18 km through beautiful vineyards. The so called “Weinstein Weg” is marked by large boulders from the local quarry which also come with informations boards. They lead the way and inform visitors about the individual vineyards, grape varieties and the particular terroir. At panorama points, additional information boards depict local stories and describe the surroundings.

Beautiful Nature – Relaxed Hike

Parts of the wine trail in Neckenmarkt follow the original Roman Amber Road. That’s why apart from a great diversity of flora and fauna you can also admire various prehistoric and antique finds. Along the way you will also find an observation deck from where you can enjoy the wonderful landscape. 

Please note that finding the way sometimes can be a bit complicated as not all of the marker stones feature a directional arrow. However, if you pay attention there should be no problem with finding the right way!

Total Distance: 18 km

 The starting point is at Rathausgasse 1, 7311 Neckenmarkt

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